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Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor hover image

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Product DescriptionCapable of memorizing data for up to 60 reading equipped with large buttons that are easy to operate and easy-to-read display for better visibility gives precise..

Blood Glucose Test Strip, 50 strips hover image

Blood Glucose Test Strip, 50 strips

- For testing fresh capillary and venous blood from fingertips- Strips used with only easy max device- Box include 50 strips..

Blood Pressure Monitor hover image

Blood Pressure Monitor

Equipped with body motion detection and hypertension indicator for accurate results.Ensures irregular heartbeat detection.Clear display shows the systolic, diastolic, and pulse rat..

Classic Stethoscope hover image

Classic Stethoscope

- Monitor and assess a wide range of patients- Designed for use with adult and pediatric patients- Non-chill bell sleeve for greater patient comfort- Soft-sealing ear-tips provide ..

Ear Thermometer hover image

Ear Thermometer

The thermometer used and recommended by doctors with professional accuracyAge-adjustable fever guidance with a color-coded display and a night lightPatented pre-warmed tip to ensur..

Infrared Thermometer hover image

Infrared Thermometer

- Non-Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer for Baby Kids & Adults- Accurate Readings- Thermometer with LCD Display- 3 Color Screen & Temperature Alarm..

Infrared Thermometer w/ Stand hover image

Infrared Thermometer w/ Stand

- Adopts high-accuracy sensor- Features multi-language voice broadcast, alarm function, Remote check for convenient use- Foldable, light and compact, convenient and portable to use..

Insulin Syringe hover image

Insulin Syringe

Sterile and single-use devicesDesigned to provide maximum comfort and accurate dosingDesigned to draw up an accurate dosage easilyFeature clearer scale numbers & wider units sp..

Nelaton Catheter (Male) Box of 100 pcs hover image

Nelaton Catheter (Male) Box of 100 pcs


Pen Needles hover image

Pen Needles

Comfortable blood samplingHelps to lower the Hypoglycemia Related IssuesLower Anxiety during Insulin InjectionLower the Risk of Intramuscular Injection100 pieces31G 6mm..

Pen Needles hover image

Pen Needles

Compatible with most the brands.Helps to lower Hypoglycemia Related Issues.Lower Anxiety during Insulin Injection.Lower the Risk of Intramuscular Injection.100 pieces.0,23mm.4/4mm ..

Safety Lancets hover image

Safety Lancets

Compatible with most brands.Precisely penetrates the skin to the correct depth.Designed to be single-use.Provides a small sample for blood glucose monitoring.Pressure Activated.30G..

Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose System, NEU hover image

Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose System, NEU

- Target Audience- Insulin Dependent Type I & II Patients- Target Range Indicator- Visual Intra-days Analysis..

Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose System, TAG hover image

Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose System, TAG

- Instantly identifies of blood sugar readings are above, below, or within the range- Wireless Connectivity simply tag your smart-phone to download the data- Able to test results i..

Single Use Sterile Syringes hover image

Single Use Sterile Syringes

Singe use SyringesGraduated SyringesCompact size and lightweight for easy carrying and storage3ml 22Gx11/2"..

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