Herbpiness Liquid Balm - Mint Scent

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For inhaling and applying

Easier to use! roller head
Rich concentrated solution!  fermented with over 10 types of herbs

+20% more!!
• Aroma/features inside are the same.
• 20% more of herbal-infused oil (no herbs included)
• Premium looks, come out with stainless steel roller body.
• Square-shaped clear glass bottles are not easy to fall apart.


• Heals stuffed nose
• Reduce allergies, coughing, and sneezing
• Reduce lightheadedness and dizziness
• Reduces fatigue and refreshes you

• applying and massaging a small amount on the temple or
the occiput will help reduce headaches and dizziness
• reduces swellings of the skin that is caused by insect bites
• reduces soreness

Product information

• Mint •
The cool aroma from our unique herbal formula,
created from a variety of herbs.
Is the original scent that has been passed down
since ancient times but adapted to more modern times.
Will help to feel alert and refreshed,
suitable for starting new things that is coming to life.

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